Every child deserves a shot at a healthy life, no matter where they live.  Yet, every 20 seconds, a child dies of a disease that can be prevented by a vaccine.  By scaling up the delivery of vaccines in developing countries, we can save children's lives.

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October 31

Shot@Life TAKE ACTION: Tell President Barack Obama that Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance's work... read more »
October 30

Shot@Life "Pneumonia has killed with impunity for most of human history. But we’ve become... read more »
October 29

Shot@Life On Jonas Salk’s 100th birthday, let’s commit to finishing what he started with t... read more »
October 28

Shot@Life A female cartoon superhero in Pakistan is now fighting polio! #endpolio read more »
October 27

Shot@Life Thanks to vaccination campaigns, polio cases are down 99%! #endpolio #WorldPolioDay read more »
October 24

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October 24

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October 23

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October 22

Shot@Life The United Nations is coordinating a multi-country polio vaccination campaign. #... read more »
October 21

5 Things You Should Know About Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance:
Do you know Gavi? Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is a global partnership bringing together public and private sectors with the shared goal of creating equal access to vaccines for children, ...read more »
October 30

Your flu shot was felt around the world
Thank you to everyone who received their flu shot at Walgreens in support of Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® ...read more »
October 14

60 Vaccines in 60 Days
Did you know you can help save the lives of children around the world? ...read more »
October 06

A Promise Renewed
Yesterday, UNICEF announced that the world is steadily moving forward on improving child survival. Their latest progress report confirms that the estimated annual number of under-five deaths has decreased by ...read more »
September 17

Get a Shot. Give a Shot. ®
Did you know getting your seasonal flu shot can help save lives? Thanks to a partnership between Walgreens and the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life campaign, getting your flu shot means ...read more »
September 09

BLOGUST: Speaking Up on “First” Journeys
Thanks to your participation throughout the month of August, Blogust has over 71,118 actions and counting, reaching its goal of providing 60,000 life-saving vaccines for children around the world who ...read more »
August 30

#Blogust: Protect. Nurture. Love
As I read the blogs that precede mine during Blogust 2014, I can identify with all of the emotions expressed by parents of little ones who are currently experiencing all ...read more »
August 26

#Blogust: Comment or Share and Help Give Children a Shot@Life
Our Shot@Life Champions represent our strongest supporters across the nation--individuals who are dedicating their voice, time, and support to stand up for childhood around the world ...read more »
August 24

#Blogust: Reaching Firsts and Making a Difference
We all remember the firsts: those monumental moments that shape your life and those around you. The moments that take your breath away. The first word. The first step. The ...read more »
August 23

Week 2: Blogust Wrap-Up
I think for a lot of independent bloggers, we start out with a small idea we're not sure anyone else will care about and through the generous nature of humanity ...read more »
August 16

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